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From A to Z – Leisure


Essa palavra é super comum hein, pra todo mundo ficar felizinho que “ahhh, finalmente uma palavra que eu já conhecia!”.

Leisure é aquele tempinho de ficar de boa, de fazer nada, sabe aquele que eu não tenho desde que começou o mês de abril? Esse mesmo!

Em português, a palavra mais comum pra traduzir leisure é lazer, mas tempo livre também é bonitinho, “free time”.

É um substantivo (mas serve como adjetivo em alguns casos) e aparece bastante junto com outros tipo “leisure time activities”, “leisure center” e “leisure wear”, tipo roupas das preguiça doida domingueira queria estar dormindo porém tô acordada porém dormindo.

I don’t have much time for leisure.

Eu não tenho muito tempo pra lazer.

Leisure também aparece na expressão “at one’s leisure”, que significa “quando for conveniente” de um jeito mais informal, óbvio.

I’ll return the call at my leisure.

Retornarei a ligação quando puder.

Dependendo do jeito que se fala essa expressão, pode ser mais ou menos educada. Tipo vai de “retornarei assim que possível” até “ligo quando quiser, fi”.

Hoje é dia de vocês mandarem as frases e parágrafos de vocês! Lembrem-se que os comentários válidos são só os que aparecerem pra mim antes da meia-noite e que precisam ter todas as seis palavras da semana! Não esqueçam também de contar as palavras, o número máximo é de cem palavras.

As palavras da semana foram: Gory, Hoard, Imply, Jaded, Kindle e a de hoje, Leisure.

Se vocês quiserem participar com as palavras que ensinei pelos vídeos, é só deixar um comentário seguindo as mesmas regras no vídeo de hoje.

Boa sorte!

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Cintia Freitas
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Apr 13, 2015

I really need a time for LEISURE, there’s too many homeworks due this week and I’m JADED with all this stuff. I finally had a time when my parents were out, so I went to my DVDs HOARED and picked a very GORY and trash horror movie. I know this may IMPLY I’m a naughty girl, but I don’t care. I never liked horror movies, but today I looked at the DVD’s cover and it just KINDLED my interest.

Apr 13, 2015

Joana was JADED from the HOARD of school work, but finally had some LEISURE. The GORY injurie on her finger KLINDED her interest and IMPLIED she must had cut herself with paper.

Apr 13, 2015

Cintia was going to Canada and her flight had an ammendent due to bad weather, it has lingered for a long time. She called her mother to talk about its delay and she said there was an impromptu party near the airport which almost jeopardized her life because she loves party. She had no choice, she started to read Camões’ book, a kinda literary genre. When she finished to read the book, her mother called her up to say she had done a survey and found out there was a university in Canada which was looking for new teachers who had studied about cultural heritage. She kicked off her hectic day this way and left Brazil.

Apr 13, 2015

Isso exige muiiiiita criatividade!!!! Rsssss…

Yesterday I was very jaded by my job, so, decided to stay at home rekindling me. I put my leisure wear and looked for my hoard of gory movies. It was a good idea, today my thoughts implying things more positives.

Muito legal essa ideia… Tô adorando. Faz com que as palavras sejam memorizadas com mais facilidade.

Apr 13, 2015

The old actor was jaded, he has rehearsed on all his leisure, but he wasn’t good enough. He wasn’t perfect. Maybe it was implying he wasn’t a good actor. He couldn’t accept that. There was only one solution: he would have to use his hoard of poison. On the debut, after kindle the torches, he interpreted a spectacle that everybody was going to remember: he drank the cup where there was poison and he left our world. His mouth was gory but, by the first time, he had been applauded.

PS: Eu não sei se deu pra entender mas, na primeira frase, o sentido de “jaded” é (ou pelo menos que tentei que fosse) de cansado mentalmente.
PS (2): Best VEDA ever

Apr 13, 2015

”I don’t have time for leisure with you ” , that was what she said to me in the message while i already had kindle the candle for us, i was waiting for her happy and doing the better dinner i ever made, when she texted me she implied it’s over, i don’t know what happend or why, maybe may be my gory movies that i love so much or my way to live like a hoarder as they called. i’m jaded about that feeling of being useless to her.

ohhh dude , this history is about you ?

yeah, i mean no! , i’m not a hoarder.

Apr 13, 2015

I’m jaded of studying and working a lot so when I have time for leisure i will relax, won’t I? No, I’ll clean my bedroom. My mom said that in my bedroom there are a lot of things that I don’t use more implying that I hoard things there. I think that I will kindle my fireplace and throw these things there but my mom cannot see me doing it because if she see me she will turns my life in a gory movie.

Apr 13, 2015

Looking for his glasses in the hoard of things he made, he saw some gore on the floor that kindled his interest. Despite being jaded for the mental exercises he had done before (don’t ask me why), he forced himself analyzed the substance and found out that was just ketchup. The disturbing confusion implied he was really tired, and needed some leisure.

Apr 13, 2015

After work Peter was jaded, in his leisure was looking for something in his hoard, and he found a horror book, to kindle his desire to read, Peter went to the office, turned off the lights and leave only the lamp of the desk on, while was reading he had the feeling that imply death. Suddenly, he heard a noise, and a man with a knife stabbed him, he fell on the floor, gory. In the morning, they found the body and next to the body was a note saying: “Do not read horror books when you live alone”.

Apr 13, 2015

Oi Cintia, tentei fazer umas rimas, veja o poema!

A Person with Depression

My soul is gory
and it implies that
this is a terrible story.

I hadn’t have leisure,
Perhaps there are some good detours,
but my body is jaded.

I need kindle the great candle
and set free the hoard of smiles,
I may have a pet to dandle.


Apr 13, 2015

On my LEISURE days I usually go to my shelf and look at movies to watch. So many problems make us JADED, so movies are a good pastime to forget them. I realize that I’m a HOARDER because I have a lot of movies that I have never see. My favorites are the horror movies. These GORY movies have KINDLED my interest. It doesn’t IMPLY that I don’t like other movies, actually I love romances too.

Apr 13, 2015

I love GORY movies! I always watch horror movies at my LEISURE. Supernatural stuff use to KINDLE my interest since I was a kid and I never got JADED of them. If I could I would HOARD a lot of bloody and horror books and movies in my room, although it would IMPLY I’m a weird person. *Evil laugh*

Apr 13, 2015

“Mom, you have to clean this house! Look how many unnecessary things there are here! I am jadad by all this dust!”
“Are you implying I am hoarding this things? Look at this book! I can’t believe that it don’t kindle you!”
“Of course not! I really don’t like gary books like this!”
“Erick, son, go to school! You are late! We can organize this on your leisure time! What do you think?”
“I think that all this dust is the best thing of the world!!!”
“Good boy!”

Apr 13, 2015

For my leisure time, I enjoy watching gory movies and series, specially the ones with hoards of zombies. Lately, I’ve been jaded from that genre, but then Walking Dead comes in and rekindled my flair for it, showing not only the zombies that I like, but also implying that the real monsters are us.

Gory **
Hoard **
Imply **
Jaded **
Kindle **
Leisure **

and a plus –GENRE–, which I’m dying to put to use.

Apr 13, 2015

Cintia is very nice person. She kindle our interest by making some awesome vídeos on Youtube. Believe, it is not her job, so it implies she does that at her leisure time, just to help us. I hope she does not get jaded by the bunch of comments she has to read and answer. She must hoard many of them cause it is impossible to answer everybody, even if she typed until her fingers get gory.

Apr 13, 2015

Amazon’s Kindle kindled my interest for books, because I can keep a hoard of books and I can read in my leasure until I get jaded. I can read some gory books, ‘cause I love them. I’m just afraid of people think that I’m want to imply that I’m rich, but I guess everything is going to be fine!

Apr 13, 2015

I have a new kind of LEISURE now, I’m a GORY HOARDER. I was a big murdered, but I’m regretful of this. I mean, I’m not totally a killer because the last death was an accident. I only KINDLED a fire for keep me and my friend warm, it was a pretty cold night and he was some JADED and he lay down near the campfire but the grass burned down and the fire killed my friend. The cops said that how I was accused of being murder this IMPLIES that I killed one more. Now I’m arrested again.

Apr 13, 2015

We are JADED from all we see on the television because there is only GORY news and tragedy and absolutely nothing can REKINDLE our interest on television again, even more because many programs influence people by showing that IMPLY another thing completely different. That’s why I prefer to enjoy my LEISURE with different kinds of activities that are more important as try to organize everything that is HOARDED in my house.

Apr 13, 2015

He kept a body at home. It was a gory scene. I do not know porque did it. His mind was confused, angry, jaded. He was a poor man, had nothing, kill yourself every day and did not even notice.

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